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BullCast the Podcast
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Personal finance made simple.


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Katie Pickler and Cort Winsett

About the Show

Delivering real talk while making financial topics more accessible, co-hosts Katie Pickler, Cort Winsett and Cameron Spann break down personal finance into engaging, bite-sized topics. Join them on their journey to “remove the veil” as they bring a basic level of awareness in a relatable, honest, and pop-culture-fueled format.



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BullCast the Podcast

So, Why the Bull?

We get a lot of questions about the name "BullCast," and we must admit it is eye-catching. First, our show is dedicated to making personal finance accessible and easy to understand, so, we're "bullish" on financial literacy. Second, the bull is the official mascot of Pickler Wealth Advisors. Because of the firm's discernible ties with the stock market (bull vs. bear), there is no better symbol than the mighty bull. He is also the persona behind our other BullNetwork outlets: BullTV the Show and BullTalk, our weekly market call.

And that's no bull!

Meet The BullCast Team

Katie Pickler and Cort Winsett are co-workers, pop-culture nerds, and both looking to make personal finance more accessible. Join them as they engage in interesting finance-related topics in fun, candid, and oftentimes hilarious ways.

Katie Pickler

Katie Pickler (Co-Host)

Financial Advisor by day and event planner by night, Katie wears many hats… and costumes. On any given day, you will find her binging the latest TV show, sporting fancy heels, quoting an obscure movie, or throwing a themed-out party. Katie is obsessed with Halloween and Amazon Prime, and her happy place is supporting her friends, giving to local causes, cheering on the Dallas Cowboys, and helping clients discover financial solutions. She’ll find any excuse to look the part and go over the top with the little details. She’s currently working on her 27 Dresses status, and she lives by the creed “every occasion deserves a well thought out outfit.”

Cort Winsett (Co-Host)

It’s time for Cort and Katie to talk of many things: of shoes, and ships, and sealing-wax, of cabbages and kings… at least those things might come up. You never know what random quote or obscure factoid might come into Cort’s head. Business and law school grad and now working at a financial advisory firm, Cort focuses on giving only that financial information which is fact-based and suitable. Outside of the strictly regulated area that is the main focus of this podcast, though, you can count on him to spew whatever nonsense might come to his mind. Call him pedantic. Call him didactic. Call him cantankerous (please).  He doesn’t care.  Just don’t call him Shirley. 

Cort Winsett
Cameron Spann

Cameron Spann (Producer)

Cameron serves as Chief Branding Officer for Pickler Wealth Advisors (and no, he doesn't brand cattle.) As a brand advocate, he oversees all marketing and communications initiatives including creative direction, PR, social media, and everything in between. As producer of BullCast, Cam guides the BullCast ship and its crazy band of pop-culture-lovin' pirates. In his spare time, Cam drools over the newest Apple gadgets, digests all of the podcasts, and gulps down caffeine like his life depends on it (and with three children, it does.)


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